California Staycation in San Luis Obispo (SLO)

California Staycations SAN LUIS OBISPO I have called San Luis Obispo my home for the past 18 years. It is a beautiful place, once called “The happiest place in America” by Oprah Winfrey. (http://visitslo.com/cm/About_SLO/happiest-place-in-america.html). Located on the Central Coast of California, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. There are so many fun and […]

Priceless Response

I thoroughly enjoy visiting Elementary Schools especially when the students are interactive and really interested in what I have to say. I experienced something this week that caught me off guard (in an awesome way). One student’s response to my question: What goals have you set for yourself was, “to tell children all over the […]

A great feeling!

Last week I was at Family Math Night at my children’s school and my daughter and her friend pointed this picture out to me… There is a wall of pictures of books (made by each student) in the multi-purpose room of each student’s favorite books. This student’s favorite book is the 2 Kurious Kids’ Mexico […]

Holiday Specials

Buy 1, Get 1 Free on all 2 Kurious Kids books 25% of all bundles (includes China, Mexico, France, India & Egypt) Place an order: email: heidi@2kuriouskids.com call: 805-242-6803

Awarding Kids

It does not matter what the award is, when your child receives an award it makes us (the parent) feel like we won the award! Recently my son, Jacob won two awards, one for respect at school and the other for soccer. My daughter, Hannah received a Presidential award for the amount of Community Service […]

One of our fall favorites!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The leaves and the vineyards close by all changing color it is absolutely amazing! We have many traditions in the fall, but definitely the one that stands out that my two children enjoy a ton is carving their pumpkins before Halloween. Typically they will use […]

Starting to blog

Even though I have been using social media for a few years now, I have to admit I am a little nervous to start my own blog.  My goal is to provide helpful and fun parenting information in a variety of categories.  Stay tuned…